St Francis de Sales College – Birdwood – Mt. Torrens

School Bus Only
This bus service is restricted to school students only. Please contact your school directly to arrange travel on this service.

St Francis de Sales school run to/from Birdwood – Mt. Torrens & Hills

AM Timetable

Stop # AM runTimeNotes
Stop # AM runTimeNotes
depart depot Flaxley Rd, turn left @ gate - continue along Flaxley Rd - @ roundabout left onto Adelaide Rd, onto Littlehampton - left onto Junction Rd. Continue onto Balhannah, right turn onto Onkaparinga Rd - thru to Woodside/Charleston/Mt Torrens - left @ Torrens Valley Rd to township of Birdwood. Drive towards oval - opposite oval right into Wegener Road & right into Blumel and left onto Church Street & right back onto Torrens Valley Rd, go to Birdwood Motor Museum for pick-up
Stop # 10730hrsBirdwood Motor Museum, depart & head east on Torrens Valley Rd, right turn onto Onkaparinga Rd.
Stop # 20732hrsBleeze St. Birdwood (B4 50km sign - halfway up hill - near cemetery)
Stop # 30736hrsGeneral Store, Mt. Torrens - right into Onkaparinga Rd (near hotel)
Stop # 4 non regular0738hrsBennets Rd. Lobethal-Mt. Torrens Rd. (look out for Lobethal Rd Winery sign on left) Continue onto Lobethal Rd changes to Mt Torrens Rd
Stop # 5 non regular0741hrsSchubert Rd. Lobethal-Mt. Torrens Rd, ( just past Schoenthal Rd)
Stop # 6b 0743hrsEckerman Rd Lobethal-Mt. Torrens Rd, (B4 Kenton Valley Rd.)
Stop # 6a non regular0747hrsBus Stop # 75 (opposite Bonn St) Main St, Lobethal
Stop # 60749hrs60 Main St, Lobethal. 'Slot Cars' or Bridgestone Service Station) - subject to parking Left onto Woodside Rd @ To Woodside sign end of Main St)
Stop # 70751hrsBus Stop # 72 (opposite Restvale Nursing Home) Lobethal-Woodside Rd.
Stop # 8 non regular0752hrsBuckleys Rd. ( opposite Dam ) Lobethal-Woodside Rd. Continue onto Roundabout - turn left to Charleston.
Stop # 90757hrsCharleston Hotel' Onkaparinga Rd 'U-Turn' back towards Woodside
Stop # 100803hrsStop # 67 Onkaparinga Rd. Woodside (just over crest of hill)
Stop # 110804hrsIn front of the Adelaide Hills Council Office / Library, Woodside
Stop # 120810hrs Bus Stop # 60 Onkaparinga Rd, Oakbank (Pikes Brewery tourist sign).
Stop # 13 non regular0811hrs Bus Stop# 58 Oakbank Area School, Oakbank
Stop # 140812hrsBus Stop# 56 IGA supermarket, Balhannah Left into Junction Rd Balhannah, hotel on corner
Stop # 150813hrs Junction Rd. (opposite Glebe Rd 1st on right) Balhannah Left over railway crossing onto Littlehampton via Junction Rd continues
Stop # 160819hrs Junction Rd. (Kym Ave) (look for house ID#116). (b4 80km sign) Littlehampton
Stop # 170820hrsJunction Rd. (Benjamin Gray Drv). ( School Bus Stop ) left @ roundabout (Great Eastern Hotel) onto North Tce (old Princess Hwy) Littlehampton
Stop # 180822hrsBus Stop# 66 North Tce.(CFS Stn) Littlehampton Continue onto roundabout - right into Bald Hills Rd, thru freeway tunnel - continue on till 3rd roundabout - @ roundabout turn right onto Springs Rd
Stop # 190834hrsArrive St. Francis de-Sales College, Dutton Rd, Mount Barker. Depart St. Francis de-Sales College, Dutton Rd - straight onto Gawler St, left onto Mann St, thru roundabout, at top of hill left onto Adelaide Rd, @ round (front of MTBS) right onto Flaxley - return to depot.

PM Timetable

Stop # PM runTimeNotes
Stop # PM runTimeNotes
Stop # 191520hrs. Shuttle bus to arrive MTBHS at 1528hrsSt. Francis de-Sales College, Mount Barker Birdwood-Mt. Torrens students & MTBHS Shuttle students to depart in the same bus at 1520hrs complete U-turn @ roundabout (near BP Service Stn) up Dutton Rd - Springs Rd; left @ roundabout onto Bald Hills Rd - continue thru tunnel; @ roundabout top of road, left into Old Princess Hwy, turns into North Tce, Blakiston
Stop # 181535hrsBus Stop# 66 (CFS Fire Stn), North Tce. Littlehampton right at roundabout (Great Eastern Hotel) onto Junction Rd
Stop # 171536hrsJunction Rd. (1st house on left) (old Nursery) Littlehampton
Stop # 161538hrsJunction Rd. (Kym Ave) (after railway crossing sign). Littlehampton
Stop # 151542hrsJunction Rd. (Glebe Rd.) (on left near house ID# 30) Balhannah right onto Onkaparinga Rd @ hotel - to Balhannah township
Stop # 141544hrsBus Stop# 55 Opposite IGA supermarket Balhannah
Stop # 13 non regular1545hrsBus Stop# 58 Oakbank Area School - Oakbank
Stop # 121546hrsBus Stop # 60, Onkaparinga Rd - Oakbank (Pikes Brewery tourist sign)
Stop # 111552hrsBus Stop# 65a Opposite Woodside Hotel
Stop # 101554hrsBus Stop # 67, Woodside
Stop# 9 non regular1600hrs Charleston Hotel
Stop # 8 non regular1604hrsBuckleys Rd, (dam on right) Woodside - Lobethal Rd, Lobethal
Stop # 71606hrsBus Stop # 72, (Restvale Nursing Home) Woodside-Lobethal Rd, Lobethal
Stop # 61609hrsLobethal opposite 60 Main St. 'Slot cars' or 'Bridgestone Service Station ) subject to parking space
Stop # 6a non regular1610hrsBus Stop# 75 ( Bonn St) Main St, Lobethal.
Stop # 6b 1612hrsEckerman Rd (on left) Mt Torrens Road continues.
Stop # 5 non regular1614hrs Schoenthal Rd, Lobethal-Mt. Torrens Rd. (opposite parking Triangle @ intersection) (Schuberts Rd back on left 50mts previous) Mt Torrens Rd continues as Onkaparinga Rd
Stop # 4 non regular1616hrs Bennets Rd, Lobethal-Mt. Torrens Rd (Amy Gillet bike track sign on left / Lobethal Rd Winery sign on right) continue on till intersection @ township - left at Mt Torrens Hotel
Stop # 31620hrsGeneral Store Mt. Torrens - Onkaparinga Rd
Stop # 21625hrsBleeze St. on right B4 township of Birdwood (50km sign) (half way down hill) Left into township - sign 'Birdwood Motor Museum; on Torrens Valley Rd
Stop # 11627hrsBirdwood Motor Museum - Birdwood Drive towards oval - opposite oval right into Wegener Road & right into Blumel and left onto Church Street & right back onto Torrens Valley Rd, go to Birdwood Motor Museum for return to depot After set down - return back to depot on Flaxley Rd Mt Barker