St Francis de Sales College – Callington

School Bus Only
This bus service is restricted to school students only. Please contact your school directly to arrange travel on this service.

St Francis de Sales College school run to/from Callington.


AM Timetable

Stop # AM runTimeNotes
Stop # AM runTimeNotes
Depart depot Flaxley Rd, turn left @ gate - continue along Flaxley Rd – straight across roundabout - onto Alexandria Rd , continues as Bald Hills Rd, .. continue under freeway tunnel & take exit to Freeway – Murray Bridge Turn off freeway @ Callington exit - at intersection turn right to Callington - continues as Callington Rd
Stop # 10735hrsCallington Rd - changes to East Tce, on right look for Water St Callington (Just B4 Heavy Vehicle Signage) (near old cafe/nursery) continue on
Stop # 20736hrsEast Tce, changes back to Callington Rd (Just B4 80km (house on left #7 - #9) – B4 railway crossing at intersection turn left onto Old Princess Hwy, and left again onto Callington Rd, past oval right into North Tce, left into Baker St, left onto Murray St left into Montefiore St, follow to school
Stop # 30745hrsCallington Primary School ( opposite oval ) continue along Callington Rd, joins onto Old Princess Hwy – 4kms to Kanmantoo
Stop # 40755hrsKanmantoo ( Public Phone Box, Main St )
Stop # 5 Non Regular0758hrsLocation ID sign # 1518, Old Princes H/way (house grey roof – left side where big pine trees) continue on
Stop # 60759Location ID sign # 1386, Old Princes H/way (white pole fence) B4 85kms sign -- continue on
Stop # 70803hrsDawsley Post Office (old building – dis-used on left) -- continue on
Stop # 80808hrs pick up just before Nairne General Store ( Main St. ) Right @ Junction Rd ( ‘Millie’s bakery’) @ ‘T’ junction left onto North Rd
Stop # 8a0810hrsBus Stop # 76 North Rd
Stop # 90811hrsNairne Corner of North Rd & Clydesdale Pl. (just after ‘slow point’) continue on till intersection – left onto Woodside Rd
Stop # 100813hrsNairne Woodside Rd. ( opposite Torrens Street ) ‘large Green fence on left’ (opposite Bus stop# 79) continue on
Stop # 10a0815hrsNairne Corner of Woodside Rd. & Alysha Crt. (open space/park on right side /Matthew Rd)
Stop # 10b0816hrsNairne Packard St, (left side = paddock & lake areas) B4 rail crossing
Stop # 110817hrsNairne right onto Old Princes Highway, @ ‘T’ intersection. Bus stop #70 in front of ‘ECH’ Retirement Home. Continue on
Stop # 120821hrsLeft into Bald Hills Rd @ roundabout. Continue thru tunnel & two roundabouts onto Martindale Right into Burnbank Way – Martindale ( entry to ‘Delmeney Park estate’ thru gates
Stop # 130823hrsCorner of Burnbank Way & Sheridan Crt, Martindale. Continue on till
Stop # 140825hrsCorner of Burnbank Way & London Ct. Martindale Continue on till
Stop # 150826hrsCorner of Burnbank Way & Tremayne Dr, Martindale Continue on till
Stop # 160827hrs Ridley Ave, turn right, & left at ‘T’ junction onto Atlantic Rd ( pick-up in the dip before corner)
Stop # 170828hrsCorner of Atlantic Rd. & Durham Ct, Martindale (B4 round about) – road continues as Waterford Ave, thru roundabouts till ‘T’ junction, turn right onto Springs Rd – continues as Dutton Rd
Stop # 180835hrsOnto St. Francis de-Sales College, Dutton Rd. Mount Barker Depart St. Francis de-Sales College Mount Barker Dutton Rd Straight onto Gawler St, left onto Mann St, thru roundabout @ next intersection (roundabout) left onto Adelaide Rd, @ roundabout ( front of MTBHS) right onto Flaxley Rd

PM Timetable

Stop # PM runTimeNotes
Stop # PM runTimeNotes
Stop # 181522hrsSt. Francis de-Sales College, Dutton Rd, Mount Barker Complete a ‘U-turn’ at round about near BP Service Stn (up Dutton Rd) Dutton Rd – continues as Springs Rd, & left into Waterford Ave .. at the third round – straight thru – continues as Atlantic Rd
Stop # 17 1530hrsStop @ Durham Ct, (on left) Martindale (just after roundabout)
Stop # 161531hrs1st right onto Ridley Rd, Martindale
Stop # 151532hrsLeft onto Burnbank Way, stop @ Tremayne Dr, (on right) Martindale
Stop # 141535hrsContinue on Burnbank Way, stop @ London Ct, (on left) Martindale
Stop # 131537hrsContinue on Burnbank Way, stop @ Sheridan Crt, Martindale Continue on Burnbank Way & exit Martindale, left onto Bald Hills Rd
Stop # 121539hrsBald Hills Rd, thru Freeway Tunnel, right at roundabout to Nairne
Stop # 111543hrsOld Princes Highway, in front of ‘Vets Clinic’ Nairne Left turn into Woodside Rd (continues as Nairne Rd)
Stop # 10a1544hrsBus Stop # 81a on left - after Packard St and before Stockham St, Nairne (opposite Webber Drv on right)
Stop # 101545hrsBus Stop # 81 past Matthew Rd = Alysha Ct, ( on right) Nairne
Stop # 91547hrsCorner of Torrens Street & Woodside Rd, Nairne Right into North Road
Stop # 81549hrsContinue on North Rd – Bus Stop # 76 at Clydesdale Pl. (on right) Continue on North Rd – right onto Junction Street & left onto Old Princess Hwy @ Nairne
Stop # 71552hrsOpposite General Store, Main St Nairne, onto Dawsley
Stop # 61557hrsOpposite Dawsley Post Office. (old dis-used building)
Stop # 51601hrsLocation ID sign # 1386, Old Princes H/way (white pole fence – right side) onto
Stop # 4 Non Regular1603hrsLocation ID sign # 1518, Old Princes H/way (house grey roof – right side where big pine trees) onto
Stop # 31605hrsKanmantoo Opposite Public Phone Box, in Main St. onto Callington turn off Old princess Hwy onto Callington Road – Primary School ( at oval )
Stop # 21615hrsCallington Road – hard right into North Tce = Primary School ( at oval ) North Tce, take left onto Baker St & left into Murray, left onto Montefiore St, (street continues as Callington Rd). Right onto Old Princess Hwy
Stop # 2acontinue on Callington Rd / East Tce - just after railway crossing next house on right #7 - #9 East Tce (Callington Rd) continues as Callington Rd again
Stop # 11620hrs1st street on left = stop @ Water St, near shop. (near old café/nursery).
Continue along Callington Rd - under Freeway – take left to enter freeway back to Mount Barker – exit via Bald Hills Rd onto Alexandrina Rd - & back to depot Flaxley Rd